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Soundlight Aqvafitness

Soundlight system blends easily  the use of light, sound and colors.


Soundlight can be used in water and gym fitness class (Chromofitness) as an accompaniment to the coordinated movements, as well as in other areas: swimming pools, spas, architecture 's interior and domotics, to create customized environments.


The "core" of Soundlight is a system control box, allowing sounds, lights and colors management, through a user-friendly interface controlled via smartphone and tablet. Soundlight can be connected to any LED and RGB lighting system, also existing.

Soundlight allows you to create music playlists that can be saved and reused later . Music files can be matched with colors , effects , mode of power on / off lights , according to the BPM detected or manualy edited.

Soundlight is half way between the automated systems of light and sound control and professional installations, very expensive and requiring advanced expertise.

With Soundlight everyone can easily create and manage customized environments with limited costs.


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You can find the new account of Soundlight on Twitter. Stay tuned for the updates about the line of products.


Soundlight presents the Chromofitness: the next step for gym and water fitness.



Soundlight and other international partners have recently created a network  providing services and products to wellness and spas world...


Contact   -   Skype: Soundlight.wellness
Telephone: +39 079 998410   -   Mobile: +39 348 3987272

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